Why You Should Live In A Condo Apartment In Singapore

Singapore Sep 22, 2021

Renting a condominium in Singapore has many perks ranging from skilled maintenance staff to do big repairs in the state, to inviting swimming pools for the exclusive use of residents. Question is, if this is the right life for you.

Have you just moved to Singapore for work or moving for personal reasons? Or, are you a local pondering about renting an ideal housing space for yourself or for your family?

Take a look around urbanised Singapore and you would find that many Singapore residents live in apartments and condominiums.

Hence you might be mulling over condominium/apartment living because you crave more personal space and perhaps even a garden of your own.

Is renting a condominium apartment best to meet your housing needs?

Read on to learn more about the benefits of condominium/apartment living and why renting a condominium place could just be perfect for you!

Condos provide an affordable option for peaceful living

The majority of Singapore residents live in subsidised public housing flats built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). While living in HDBs provide a good quality of life, some might find that it's almost too "neighbourly", if there is such a thing.

Condos generally have fewer residents within its estate and if you drill down further to the floor level, there are comparably fewer units on one floor vs the number of units on a HDB floor. Some condos even offer ultimate privacy and peace via private lifts that go straight to the unit. Our units in Hmlet Duet and Hmlet Urbana offer this option.

Unit in Hmlet Urbana with its own private lift

Depending on your definition of peaceful, some people prefer to steer clear from being too close to MRT stations simply because of the area's footfall. In this respect, you'll find solid options from both HDBs and condos. Top tip: Visit the apartment you intend to rent at different times of the day to get a feel of the overall noise levels.

While a landed property option with a garden might offer you the best privacy and space, rental can be high and out of range for most folks. So whether you're looking for a quiet estate to live in to study or work from home, condos are a great option.

Regular maintenance

If you're a stickler for cleanliness and a well-maintained residential atmosphere, you'll be delighted to know that condos usually have a dedicated management team in charge of one building or the condominium estate. A big part of their scope is in maintaining the building and addressing feedback or concerns submitted by its residents. Forget about worrying about pest control or weeds growing out in the garden, the condo management team will allocate resources to take care of any renovation or upgrading work.

In HDB estates, the town council manages your HDB block as well as many other blocks in the area. This naturally means that town councils generally have limited resources to spruce up the estate compared to condos.

That being said, if you still decide that condominium rental living is not for you, perhaps consider affordable and well-maintained landed property options like Hmlet Emerald Hill or Hmlet Sam Leong with skilled teams for property maintenance.

Living area on the 2nd level of Hmlet Emerald Hill

Swimming pool(s)

Because some condos have more than one pool. Like Hmlet The Sail for example, you have a lap pool and a leisure pool, some condos also have a kid's pool or a jacuzzi in the mix.

Pool at Hmlet The Sail

Living in sunny Singapore, knowing you can go for a dip in the pool almost anytime you want is a treat.

Of course, if you live in an HDB, you'll have to travel some distance to the nearest public swimming pool, or go to a friend's house that's in a condominium.


Singapore is generally a safe and crime-free city to live in. Nevertheless, if you still desire an added layer of security, HDB flats and landed properties unfortunately do not have an exclusive security team to police the premises.

Hence, renting a condominium apartment or room might just be your cup of tea. Living in a condominium would enable you to sleep more easily as each estate has a security team to patrol the grounds for any suspicious characters or trespassers.

A home with a panoramic view

Living in a high rise condos can go up to 30 storeys high – talk about panoramic views. Plus, condos also have building facilities like a rooftop or sky terrace that'll  really allow you to take in the view.

Waking up to the view of MBS at Hmlet The Sail

Think condo living is the best option for you? Get in touch with our friendly sales representatives who can help you find a home in a condo that suits you best. Just book a viewing and check out the spaces for yourself.

Our Hmlet homes all over Singapore are fully furnished and equipped so you can move right in without any hassle. Plus, our rent is all inclusive of WiFi and capped utilities!


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