Here's Where You Can Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in Singapore

Singapore May 18, 2022

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. That includes your pets.

More often than not, you encounter properties in Singapore that would be perfect for you in all aspects, except that they don’t accommodate your animal friend. This is a common tribulation pet-owners bump into while apartment hunting.

Many landlords in Singapore don’t want to go through the hassle of accommodating pets because they don’t want to deal with noise complaints or property damages. To save you from some tedious research, here is a list of places to look into if you're trying to find pet-friendly apartments for rent in Singapore.

Local Coliving spaces

Before you start the hunt, we rounded up some tips for you to consider that might come in handy when you need to narrow down your search. The first and probably most promising place to look, would be in coliving companies.

Not only do these companies provide pet-friendly apartments, their prices can also be value for money with all inclusive rent and maintenance taken care off. If you’re looking for a hassle-free place, finding a home in a coliving space is a great option for you.


At Hmlet, we offer pet-friendly studios and apartments. These are scattered around the Newtown, Tiong Bahru, Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar area. Specifically, our pet-friendly homes are Hmlet Portofino, Hmlet Tiong Bahru Rd, and Hmlet Duet.

Rooftop of Hmlet Portofino
Living room in Hmlet Duet

Depending on where you choose, our homes are close to amenities that'll be good for your pet. We also have Hmlet Hamilton, our brand new property coming soon in September. Choose to flat share or rent the entire unit. This property is spacious and comes with a rooftop that's over 5,000 sqm in size.

CP Residence

CP residence, like Hmlet, also offers specially-curated rooms around Singapore. You can opt for bedroom apartments or single studios. Locations where their properties are situated include Boon Keng, Bukit Timah and Tiong Bahru. Facilities and amenities are all included.

It can be nerve wracking to make a big commitment like signing a yearly lease. That's why their short-term leases are great for pet-owners who want to try the coliving lifestyle for the first time.

Property Listing Platforms

Property listing platforms have endless options for you to choose from, even though you might wind up with little support should your landlord be blasé about pets. But if you're lucky, you might find a landlord who is just as into pets, which will make them likely to be more understanding.

The list of properties posted on these platforms typically get updated every few weeks as landlords around Singapore have access to posting available properties throughout the year.

No surprises here, lists properties you can buy, rent and sell. If you're buying a property, then you're have total freedom to own a pet and customise your home to suit their needs.

If you're choosing to rent a property vs buying, then it can be a little tricky to find the perfect place for you since you'll have to look for a place that you like first and only find out if they're pet-friendly once you've placed your interest. We found that inserting pet-friendly in their search bar doesn't yield the best results.


Another usual suspect, PropertyGuru, will widen your search for a pet-friendly home. A special component only in PropertyGuru is its larger variety in the types of housing it offers. PropertyGuru posts available condos, HDB, and landed properties.

You can also dive deeper into properties that are in specific locations. PropertyGuru also caters to the user by allowing them to filter through properties by their conditions. This includes their budget, location preferences and MRT distance. We didn't find a filter for pet-friendly properties. However, we did find that keying in the words pet friendly in the search bar, did surface pet-friendly options.

Service Apartments

Service apartments can fall onto the more pricier end of the pet-friendly home spectrum. Despite this, they are worth looking into if you find one that falls into your budget. Spaces in service apartments tend to be larger. This can give your pet the freedom to move around leisurely without having to worry about bringing them for a stroll outdoors. Unlike coliving spaces, you don’t have to share spaces. This gives you more flexibility to customise your area and make it more comfortable for you and your pet.

Some service apartments in Singapore include Orchard Park Suites, Orchard Scotts Residence and of course, Hmlet Cantonment.

The Extra Large room with fully equipped kitchen 
Plenty of outdoor space at Hmlet Cantonment for your pet to roam

All in all, there are plenty of properties in Singapore that are pet-friendly. If you come across a property that doesn't explicitly say if they're pet-friendly or not, all you have to do is ask the landlord.

At Hmlet, we welcome you and your animal friend. Get in touch to schedule a viewing and see if you and your pet can be happy with us. No obligations, just come check out our spaces for yourself!


Isabel Pangestu

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