6 Pet-Friendly Apartments In Hong Kong You Absolutely Have To Know About

Hong Kong Aug 27, 2021

At first glance, finding a pet-friendly apartment in densely populated Hong Kong might not be a piece of cake. We're going to help you with that.

As a pet owner in Hong Kong looking for an apartment to rent, you might be feeling daunted by the sheer number of rental options that would not accommodate your furry friends. You thought you found your dream apartment only to realise that the landlord adopted a ‘no pet’ policy as part of the rental arrangement. Bummer, right?

To save you a great deal of time and effort for your fur/scale/feather-friendly dream abode, here is a list of pet-friendly apartments in Hong Kong for short and long term rentals.

1. Hmlet 95 Hill Road

3-bedroom apartment in Hmlet 95 Hill Road

If you are renting solo and are looking for a convenient location close to the MTR as well as to eateries, Hmlet 95 Hill Road is a great option. It's located in the Shek Tong Tsui, HKU area and is a stone’s throw away from lots of trendy food places, including pet-friendly options too.

You would only have to walk for five minutes to HKU Station from your place so you can enjoy that couple of extra minutes of delicious sleep. Regular room at Hmlet 95 Hill Road starts from HK$12,200 per month.

2. Hmlet Caine Building

3-bedroom apartment in Hmlet Caine Building

Prefer a quiet yet convenient location? Hmlet Caine Building is located at Caine Road near Central Station and has all the amenities you'd dream of – a park (great for your pups), nearby supermarket, a gym and plethora of eateries.

To get to Central, you can take a leisurely 20 minute stroll via the the Mid-Level escalators. If you prefer public transportations, you can always count on buses and mini-buses to get about the vicinity.

Bonus! If you need to have a feel for the place with your pet before signing a long term lease, live in a Hmlet on a short term lease for 3 months or 6 months. A regular room at Hmlet Caine Building is HK$11,900 per month.

3. Village Houses

If you have a family or crave more space for yourself, village houses that are semi-detached or detached abodes would probably catch your fancy. They are typically located in rural or suburban parts of Hong Kong and provide a more tranquil, laid-back form of country-style living. Oftentimes, these places do not have security guards to patrol the areas and thus are more accommodating to owners or tenants with dogs and pets.

If you decide to rent a village house, ensure that you are aware of any possible illegal structures on your property to avoid getting into hot soup with the law. Also, be prepared that more buildings or structures could be constructed in the surrounding area and thus the atmosphere of that particular village could change.  

4. The Nate

Relish the experiences of living in a fully furnished studio apartment ranging from 140 sq ft to 267 ft at The Nate. Apartments here are completely equipped with private bathrooms, huge windows for a bright and airy feel, washer dryers and other modern-day amenities – perfect for a pawrent.

Select your desired rental abode from an assortment of studio options, such as the Small Studio, Middle Studio as well as Studio With Balcony.  This location is conveniently located near Jordan MTR station and many eateries to satisfy your palate. Monthly rents are from HK $11,760.

5. Apartment O

A mix of old and new in one space

Another lavish apartment option offering short term rental is Apartment O in Causeway Bay. Its interior design will transport you and your furry friend back to 1930s Hong Kong.

Choose from 1 to 3-bedroom lavish apartment options and enjoy an outdoor leisure area with BBQ facilities available for residents to relax after a hectic day. Savour the mixture of contemporary and classic Chinese art pieces and delight in the top quality services provided by the management staff.

6. T Residence

T Residence in Kennedy Town provides short term rental options for a minimum of 1 month in the form of 1 and 2-bedroom full-serviced pet-friendly apartments (668 gross sq ft, 470 net sq ft).

This establishment is situated just two minutes away from Kennedy Town MTR station, and is highly accessible to trams and buses to other parts of Hong Kong. Moreover, this building boasts of a rooftop garden with a panoramic sea view that will enable you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

All apartments are equipped with quality housekeeping services and facilities to ensure that you and your pets are fully well taken care of – music to any pet owner's ears.

At first glance, looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Hong Kong might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. But scratch a little deeper and you'll find some properties located near Central that might just be perfect for you and your furry friend.

Sometimes, you'll get lucky with landlords who will allow you to bring pets if you get on their good side. You shouldn't have to leave the fate of you and your pet to chance though – get in touch and our friendly sales representatives will find you the perfect home for you and your pet. You're highly encouraged to view the space for yourself. Bring your pets too so they can get a feel of their new home!


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