Tin Hau: Neighbourhood Guide

Hong Kong Feb 16, 2021

Leave the chaos behind at Causeway Bay. This is the little neighbourhood we know you'll vibe with.

Directly bordering Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, alongside indie Tai Hang, maintains a laid-back vibe. With easy access to public transport and proximity to the CBD, this charming area blends incredible convenience with an endless array of dining, entertainment and cultural options to keep you excited.

Getting to Know Tin Hau

The Tin Hau neighbourhood's namesake is the Cantonese name for the Empress of Heaven (天后 Tiān Hòu). One of the most worshipped goddesses in the world, her temples can be found anywhere the Chinese diaspora has landed.

Every 23rd day of the third lunar month (usually April or May), her birthday is celebrated with much fanfare during the Tin Hau Festival in Hong Kong, a celebration not to be missed.

Photo by Léo Nguyen / Unsplash

Top 6 Things to Do in Tin Hau

  1. Pick up succulent plants and succulent desserts along Electric Road
  2. Hike up Braemar Hill and be rewarded with top views of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
  3. Work up a sweat at Victoria Park
  4. Catch magnificent sunset views via the harbourfront, right next to Jardine Noonday Gun
  5. Indulge in retail therapy at Paterson Street's Fashion Walk
  6. Horse around at Hong Kong Jockey Club's Happy Valley Racecourse

Must Eat

Wah Jie Beef Noodles
Since there are plenty of beef noodle restaurants in Hong Kong, you know that one must be incredibly special and delicious to be consecutively featured in the Michelin Guide since 2012. Located less than one minute walk from Tin Hau MTR, Wah Jie offers beef brisket noodle made from local beef for HKD 40-70 per bowl.
Website | 13 Electric Rd, Causeway Bay

NOC Mercury
If you are based in Tin Hau and looking for a place to switch up your WFH routine, NOC Mercury is a fantastic choice. Not only is the cafe known for its meticulously made coffee, their scrumptious brunch menu and bright industrial design will ensure you have everything you need to stay focused through the day.
Website | G/F, 23 Mercury St, Tin Hau

Hong Kong Island Tap House
With up to 40 local and imported beers on the tap, Tap House is definitely the place to go in Tin Hau to explore craft beers. Don't be afraid to rock up on an empty stomach because the bar has got you covered on all the menus that would go perfectly with your pints.
Facebook | 1A-1B Tsing Fung St, Tin Hau

Ching Ching Desserts
If you are new to Hong Kong, this traditional style dessert shop is a must try. Whether you fancy hot or cold, sweet or savoury, fruity or nutty desserts, this place has got it all and will leave you spoilt for choice.
Website | 81 Electric Rd, Causeway Bay

Must See

Floating Tin Hau Temple
Also known as the Triangular Island Goddess of Tin Hau Shrine, the Floating Tin Hau Temple has been docked at the Typhoon Shelter since 1955. As the only floating temple in Hong Kong, it is particularly popular among fishermen but is also open to all visitors from 9am-12pm. There are rumours that it will soon be moved on land so don't miss your chance to visit this unique temple soon!
Website | Typhoon Shelter, Causeway Bay

Red Incense Burner Summit
In less than 1 hour hike from Tin Hau MTR via Tin Hau Temple Road and Braemar Hill Road, you can catch the sunset from one of the most scenic and romantic viewpoints in Hong Kong. Watching the city light up as the sky darkens while completely surrounded by nature, Red Incense Burner Summit offers a hiking experience that is truly unique to Hong Kong.
Website | 55 Braemar Hill Rd

Haw Par Mansion
Completed in 1936, Haw Par Mansion was built in a rare Chinese Renaissance architectural style as a home for "The King of Tiger Balm," Aw Boon Haw. In 2001, the Mansion and its garden, occupying an area of over 2,000 metres square, were passed over to the government for preservation and was converted into a music school known as Haw Par Music. Don't worry if you are not a musician because visitors can also sign up for guided tours of the Mansion and the garden.
Website | 15A Tai Hang Rd, Tai Hang

Tai Hang Lin Fa Kung
Tai Hang Lin Fa Kung was constructed during the 1860s to worship the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. The temple's unique architecture, with entrances on both sides of the building instead of in the middle of the façade, as well as its cultural significance related to the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, has earned its title as a Hong Kong monument in 2014.
Website | Lily St, Causeway Bay

Must Do

Hong Kong Central Library
Opened in 2001, Hong Kong Central Library is the largest public library in Hong Kong with a capacity of holding up to 2 million of library materials. So whether or not you are a book worm, we can confidently say that you will find something interesting here that you will want to borrow!
Website | 66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay

Midwest Vintage
Drop by Midwest Vintage to shop for a few vintage pieces to add to your closet. Originally founded as a used clothes trading company in 1993, today the Midwest Vintage has transformed into a retail store to satisfy local demands for vintage clothings. From leather jackets to bags and accessories, every item here is one of a kind imported from the United States.
Website | 15 Watson Road, Tin Hau

Victoria Park
Victoria Park is the biggest park on the Hong Kong island, occupying an area of almost 20 hectares. Apart from being the best place for a stroll to clear your mind or to digest after a big meal, the park also is also the designated venue for flower markets during Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year as well as being the location for the Hong Kong Flower Show each year.
Website | 1 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay Market
Get a local grocery shopping experience by visiting the Causeway Bay Market. Unlike any typical supermarkets, here you can buy fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in the amount that you really need. However, to ensure you get the right items and the best deals, it might be worth it to practice a few simple lines of Cantonese before embarking on this journey.
Website | 142 Electric Rd, Causeway Bay

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