How Coliving Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Singapore Dec 28, 2021

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions might be, make this year your best one yet.

We know how it goes. We start off the year brimming with conviction and confidence that this year is going to be our best one yet, where we achieve all our goals and make our dreams come true.

But one month later, we’ve run out of steam and slip back to our old habits. Despite our good intentions, we end up staying in our comfort zone and making the same promises next year. So much for making this year count.

Perhaps you plan to move to a new city and make new friends, break out of your rut or make a difference. Perhaps you’re ready to try out a different way of living. Perhaps this year is the time to give coliving a shot at last.

Centred around the concept of shared spaces and communal experiences, coliving is a product of the modern workers’ demands for alternative living options. As urban nomads become more footloose and telecommuting becomes increasingly common, the desire for flexible and hassle-free living arrangements grows, particularly in thriving gateway cities like Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, and more.

Furthermore, beyond every worker in the modern economy is a person hoping to connect more deeply with the world at large. Coliving not only offers contemporary furnished settings, but also a community that enhances the living experience.

If 2021 is the year you’re ready to knuckle down on your plans, then take the plunge and see how we can help with your New Year’s resolutions.

Live Green

Be more present. Checking who's viewed your Instagram Stories can wait.

Our carbon footprint grows larger with each decade. If you’re determined to reduce yours and adopt more sustainable ways of living, then consider what changes you can make to your lifestyle.

Collaborative consumption ensures that resources are maximally utilised and wastage. Sharing a home built and furnished with consciously sourced materials is a considerably greener alternative. Coliving promotes a lifestyle that makes use of shared resources and takes a step towards a more sustainable future.

Community Calling

Against mum's better advice, talk to strangers!

All work and no play makes for a very uninspiring life. If you’re looking to reincorporate some fun, it’s time to take your downtime seriously. Step out of your bubble and get to know the people around you. Take up a new hobby (sketching, dumpling-making, anyone? We’ve heard they are rather therapeutic). Or explore your neighbourhood and engage with your living environment. There’s much to explore out there, and a change of scenery can refresh your perspective and appreciation for the little things in life.

Get Cultured

Go hands-on with new experiences.

In a progressively borderless world, there are fewer barriers to learn about other cultures. Being in a different city allows for more opportunities to explore beyond what you have always known. By literally stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging with the people in your neighbourhood, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of various cultures. Pockets of life in each street can offer an intimate glimpse into a country’s culture, so get involved, chat with the locals, find your favourite coffee place, or volunteer at a local charity.

Work Smart

Smart work, heart work.

An efficient worker is not only productive, but also works smart. Free up your time with flexible and conducive living arrangements in coliving. With an all-inclusive package that saves you from dealing with utilities providers, internet companies, or maintenance works, you’ll have more time and freedom to pursue the things you love.

If you’re aiming to live more and do more this year, then embrace a fresh start in a brand-new setting and give coliving a shot.

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