Is A Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment Better Suited For You?

Singapore Sep 02, 2021

Do you want to go through the process of setting up your own space? Or do you want the space to be set up for you? How will you know which one will suit you best?

When looking for your next apartment, choosing to rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment is just one of the many decisions you'll have to make – and it's a decision that's going to affect your budget planning.

Fully furnished apartment at Hmlet Bartley Residences

What is a furnished apartment?

What you should expect in a furnished apartment is a reasonable amount of amenities that would allow a person to live in the space at a bare minimum. This usually includes items such as a sofa, basic household appliances including white goods, and a bed.

If you dive deeper though, you'll see that there are three different types of furnished apartments – partially furnished, furnished, and fully furnished.

Partially furnished

Partially furnished apartments will typically provide the basics – white goods (washer, dryer, fridge, oven etc), sofas, tables, and bed frame and mattress. Sometimes only white goods are provided. Most of the time though, necessities like bed sheets or pillows will not be included.

Kitchen items such as utensils, crockery and specialty appliances such as blenders or toasters will not be included as well. You can expect zero decor items like artwork or plants too.


Furnished apartments are one step above. It's usually a little more equipped with maybe a TV and TV console, a bedside table, some crockery and decor items. Sometimes, you can look forward to cleaning supplies like a vacuum and a broom too for apartment upkeep.

The apartment will be less bare and you can expect maybe table lamps or some paintings on the walls. Additional fans and AC maintenance usually comes in a furnished apartment too.


Regular room in Hmlet Lorong G

Also known as turnkey apartments, this literally means that you can turn the key to the front door and live in it without any further work needed. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on at Hmlet! Plus, monthly rent at Hmlet is all-inclusive which include regular maintenance, WiFi, and capped utility bills.

These apartments would have gone the extra mile to provide items that makes the apartment a lot more homely and lived-in. You can expect an equipped kitchen with pans and knives, and maybe a kettle and microwave in the kitchen, desks, bookshelves and decor pieces in the living room. You're likely to get a bed set complete with pillows, a duvet and bedsheets!

Quick tip: Take note that the terms furnished and fully-furnished may be used interchangeably. It is always best to clarify the amenities you are looking for directly with the landlord or agent.

What is an unfurnished apartment?

As its name suggests, these apartments do not come with any furniture or appliances apart from lights fixtures, plumbing, and electrical wiring. An unfurnished apartment does not equal to a not-functioning apartment.

Depending on the landlords, you may request added appliances with no extra charges. These apartments are most commonly seen by new developers that are still figuring out the profiles of their renters.

So furnished or unfurnished?

When deciding between a furnished or unfurnished apartment, ask yourself:

  • How much of my apartment's interior do I want to tailor?
  • How long am I planning to stay in this apartment?

If you have a specific preference on how your apartment should be decorated, it would be more practical to opt for the unfurnished option. On the other hand, if you are not fussy about your interior, having a fully furnished apartment is hassle-free and saves you plenty of time and money!

The length of time you're staying in your apartment is a good indicator of how much time and effort you should invest in doing up your space. If you're uncertain of your timeframe or if you don't plan to stay for more than a year, then a furnished apartment would be more convenient.

If you're leaning towards an unfurnished apartment, you likely:

  • Are particular about the set up of your space
  • Have your own furniture
  • Have intentions to stay in the apartment for the foreseeable future

At Hmlet, there's something for everybody

Hmlet Hamilton offers flexible furnishing from unfurnished, partial or fully furnished when you sign a 12 month lease

Sometimes you just have to keep your options open. That's where getting in touch with our sales representatives can help! Whether you need an entire apartment or a room, we can help you find what'll work for you. Come for a viewing with no obligations!


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