Everything You Need To Know About Studio Apartments In Singapore

May 31, 2021

Relocating to Singapore and are looking for corporate housing options? Moving out of your parents’ house and are looking for a unit to rent?

You might have decided that a room might be too small for your need for space, whereas a multi-room apartment might be too expensive for your wallet. Hence, the idea of renting a studio apartment in Singapore might be appealing.  

That being said, renting a studio is no piece of cake, given the numerous studio apartments for rent available in Singapore  to suit every taste and budget. It is essential that you choose an apartment that suits your needs.

What Is A Studio Apartment?

First and foremost, let us clarify what a studio apartment is (and is not). A studio apartment is usually a minimalistic and self-contained one-room abode that can accommodate everything (kitchen, living room and bedroom)  in a single room alongside a separate bathroom. Sometimes, balconies can accompany the apartment unit. A studio apartment usually ranges from between 19 and 34 m². The key difference between a studio and 1-bedroom apartment is that the latter contains a distinct bedroom portion that is separated from the kitchen and living room area.

Who Should Rent Studio Apartments?

Studio apartments are perfect for singles and couples who require some privacy of their own. Moreover, studios (especially like the ones in Hmlet Cantonment) are perfect for corporate travelers on short stints in Singapore or those itching for a rejuvenating staycation away from the humdrum of everyday life. This means that if you are a holidaymaker and are looking for a holiday apartment in Singapore for your sojourn or staycation, a studio apartment would be a fuss-free option for you to get well-deserved quality rest and rejuvenation.

Residents in studios would have everything they need in a single space without having to burn holes in their pockets for bigger apartments. With the rising trend of unmarried singles in Singapore as well as foreign expatriates making Singapore their base, renting studio apartments with convenient access to the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore has become increasingly common.

What Is The Rent Like For A Studio Apartment In Singapore?

Studio apartments in Singapore are usually welcoming alternatives to expensive multi-bedroom apartments simply because of their relatively lower rental fees for tenants. The price range for renting a studio apartment in Singapore is approximately from $1300 to $4,500 monthly depending on circumstances. The presence of recreational amenities, quality of utilities, the unit’s accessibility and location to downtown Singapore as well as its age would influence rental prices. Consequently, studio apartments for rent in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Singapore (River Valley, Raffles Place, Orchard, Tanjong Pagar, Marina Bay Sands, Serangoon Road) would be the most pricey and cater to working adults with fat salary packages. Areas further away but still near the CBD area such as Novena, Newton, Balester, Beach Road, Braddell and Alexandra have relatively high rents as well. If you decide to live in a studio apartment in the CBD area, you might share the studio with someone else to save on rent.Yet the further you explore from the CBD, such as in the East or West of Singapore (Pasir Ris or Jurong), the cheaper the rents of studio units.

If you are a holidaymaker in Singapore or a Singapore resident looking for a holiday rental apartment for your trip or staycation, you can find studio apartments available for weekly rents, such as Hmlet’s Cantonment property here.

A unique point to note about studio apartments in Singapore for the budget-savvy is that Singapore citizens can rent Housing Development Board (HDB) studio flats. The caveat is that unlike condo shoebox units, only Singapore citizens above 21 years of age can qualify to rent them under the Public Rental Scheme as a family (with no household income), as a couple, or as single individuals. Prospective tenants must meet the strict income and financial background requirements to rent a studio apartment flat from HDB.

Find Your Dream Studio Unit For Rent With Hmlet Today!

Whether you have decided on renting a studio apartment in Singapore or are still exploring between a studio or a 1-bedroom unit, Hmlet offers quality choices and dedicated expert advice to help you meet your needs. Contact the Hmlet team today for a discussion while these coveted units are still available!

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